Chennai Inclusive Walk

Chennai Inclusive Walk (Date: 20th August 2023)

An initiative under the Liveable Chennai where we want to our city an inclusive city for all. CII Chennai Zone Azhakana Chennai Taskforce support by the Yi Chennai Chapter. organize an exclusive initiative – Chennai Inclusive Walk – to promote inclusivity, raise awareness about disabilities, and foster a sense of community among participants. The walkathon will be designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities and provide a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Highlights of Chennai Inclusive Walk:

A parade of 500+ participants with various disabilities along with one person each accompanying them will be conducted. This 1:1 ratio of disabled person to a neurotypical/” normal” person – hand in hand walk is an idyllic symbolisation that we are all in this together as a society. To echo that if at least one “normal “person took care of one disabled person, we have half defeated the battle that disability is not a disease.

Why such an Initiative

  • Proliferate the idea that disability shouldn’t be looked at with sympathy – but rather inculcate an attitude shift towards the disabled – to empower them to live a life with dignity.
  • Give first-hand information on the rehabilitation policies and resources available in our country and Chennai in specific. Thus participants are aware.
  • Raising awareness on building a society that has a profound sense of inclusion and multiversity at the grassroot level. Accessibility walk can be a starter of such a campaign.
  • Build hope to the disabled. Raising the collective sentiments of the disabled people towards a better future.
  • Raising awareness and bust the myths and social stigmas surrounding the topic of disability and Inculcating a sense of empathy through the parade


For more details, Sponsorship and to register please contact
Mr Rahul Siddharthan
Mobile: 8124826563