Pettai Rap by Moonlight

Chennai Day – Pettai Rap Nights moonlight

Pettai Rap by Moonlight

Pettai RapNights is a great opportunity to showcase your Chennai neighbourhood/ unga area in all its glory. Call it a wonderful opportunity to sing, dance, and celebrate your pettai and kelappufysome Dhool.And all at your convenience. After sunset, after you have finished your chores and work and laundry, and this, that and everything

How do we celebrate Pettai Rap?

You can make it a neighbourhood exclusive-take it to your local park, market square, flyover, or street corner. It can also be a community exclusive-If you are part of a social club, gated community, an educational institution, or residential association. Even the local auto association can participate. All you need to do? Something simple like a flash mob, carnival, magic show, street food special, by the chefs in your area, a book reading, poetry competition on Chennai Day, showcasing local talent, even a senior citizen outing , food stalls, retail therapy-your pettai style. Or, a serious effort like a no-plastic drive or beach cleaning. Just anything is super OK. And it all happens in the evening –so make sure you attend with your appa, amma, kudumbam, nanbargal and make it an event to remember

Why we want you to celebrate your Pettai

It’s a great opportunity to celebrate your neighbourhood or community’s uniqueness or identity. Remember Jambazaar Jagguand Saidapetai Kokku? Something like that. It’s an opportunity to know your neighbours. You can come together to tackle an issue that needs redressal.

Key Dates
20th & 21st of August 2022

One doubt answered
What is a pettai or neighbourhood
according to this celebration?

It should be within Chennai city limits. You can be residents of a particular street, a suburb, a group with common interest or people belonging to a particular area


  • Is your event open to all members of the public or to the community?
  • Is it inclusive in the design, promotion and delivery of the event?
  • Does it have apre-determined opening and closing date and time?
  • Does it pose a level of risk not normally expected with the use of property-if yes, please get in touch with the team to mitigate them through our defined processes

Have a Brilliant Idea to Bring a Little Magic to Your ‘hood’?

Give your project and description Project relevance How your Project meets the Chennai Day specifications

Read the Event Guide’s Policies and Procedures before filling the application.
Please consider the following:

  • Does your event require specific permits?
  • Is your event insured?
  • Does it have a pre-determined opening and closing date and time?
  • The applicants must sign a form agreeing to indemnify and hold the Organizers harmless from and against any liability, loss, claims, demands, costs and expenses including legal fees due to negligence or acts of omissions related to Chennai Day Celebrations.
  • The Event should not be used to sell products or services.
  • The Event should support Chennai Day goals and objectives.
  • The Organizers reserve the right to decline events that don’t meet the specified criteria.

Pettai Rap Nights Is a Part of Chennai Day Celebrations.

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