Stand in Solidarity! (Human Skyline)

Be a Part of Chennai’s historic Human Skyline

Be a Part of Chennai’s historic Human Skyline Here’s how you can become a part of an iconic formation and send a message of solidarity and love for Namma Chennai to millions across the globe.

Come together to form the city’s skyline to be uniquely curated for the first time ever! Create history and be a part of it on Chennai’s 383rd year. Just stand in support with other Chennaiwasis. Happening for the first time ever, the Human Skyline will be a unique formation created by people like you, curated by the core creative talent of Chennai, comprising prominent artistes and creative people of the city.

Just imagine! You will be watched and cheered by millions across the globe as you empower the spirit of this city. A record-breaking event, it can make it to the Guinness Book of World Records for maximum participation. And you can make it possible.

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Children above the age of 10 can participate, only if accompanied by a parent or guardian. Registrations will be accepted in groups of five.

You should be willing to cooperate with the authorities and organizers, given the enormity of the Event and be prepared to stand for a minimum of five hours.

You should be medically fit to participate and your application will be disqualified without the Doctor’s Certificate. You can carry a snack and water bottle .The Food Stalls will also be available at the venue. The Organizers won’t take any responsibility for your personal belongings.