The Future City Challenge

The Future City Challenge

Competition for Aspiring Architects-16th-20th August/2022

Cities across the worldneed to return to people’s needs, improve urban experience, city quality and sustainable urban development. The Smart City Initiative was initiated by the Indian Government to enable the comprehensive development of cities to improve the quality of life. Chennai was among the 20 cities selected

The authorities have since then executed multiple initiatives to make Chennai livable, resilient, and sustainable. The Future City Challenge is a call to architecture students across Chennaito create a futuristic environmentally and economically sustainable design for the city from scratch.

The designs can range froma fully functional individual building to a complete city plan and should consider key features like health and well -being, social cohesion, functionality and sustainability

Future City Challenge

  • Sustainable Design
  • Transformative Design

Only one theme per participant
Who can participate?

The Competition is open to students of architecture across ————-and to interns.


This is a fair competition to all the educational institutions offering BArch and M. Arch, students in architecture, landscape and urban planning. Log on —click registration and fill the information. Last day for registration —–Please fill the email subject in the form of “Future City Challenge + Name + Institution (if applicable) +Theme Prize winning projects will be officially announced on —-

Design Drawings
Option 1

AI (594mm *841mm) panel in horizontal version. Each work could compose 3 drawings only. Drawings should include site –plan that fully convey the design intention, plans, elevations and sections especially of key spots, perspective drawing, illustrations and a design description of about 500 words . There is no limitation on proportion and ways of presentation.

Option 2

A3 size Booklet (420mm*297 mm) –no more than 20 pages.


  • Supplementary documents like model videos and photos can be added if necessary
  • All participants are required to submit digital files, including the drawing and other information to —————before ———-.
  • The committee will not accept any hardcopy.
  • Please use ————as the layout software and output file of ————–. (Including ‘links’).
  • English will be the only language accepted in all the designs.
  • Scale and dimensions must be in metric units.
  • No word or picture relating to the name or department of participants should be displayed in the digital drawings and such designs will be immediately disqualified.

Identity Submission

Participants should attach a recognizable scanned copy of their passport size photo and student ID/ Institution ID/ Company ID in the email. They should also attach a text document with the name/ email ID/Mobile phone number/name and contact information ofthe Institution Contact/ Adviser( if any) , Full name of the Educational Institution and Department / Organization –if you are interning, title of the proposal and a brief design description

Please Note

  • Participants must agree with and follow the competition requirements and regulations
  • The Organizers reserves its rights of final interpretation.
  • All entries are accepted with the explicit free right of publication, reproduction, and promotional use by the Organizers and Sponsors without need for further approvals
  • Works submitted to other competitions, published on other public occasions, and copied ideas will be immediately disqualified
  • Juries cannot act as advisors to participants; otherwise participants will be disqualified from the competition